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Love is…

This is my take on how love is for each character:

  1. The opening of the ice castle door is Elsa’s subconscious desire to reach out to her sister.
  2. The locking of the door signifies Hans’s treacherous heart to use Anna because he never really loved her.
  3. The unbolted door is basically how Anna and Kristoff’s relationship has always been from the beginning. i.e., they have an honest, giving, and supportive relationship.
  4. The unlocking of the door by Olaf shows that no door or any other obstacle can block his great love for Anna.
  5. The closing of the door by Elsa is her act of total sacrifice to protect Anna. Her power is a huge part of her, so to suppress that shows her profound love for her sister.
  6. The opening of the door by Elsa, in general, displays her brave way to face the world, and it symbolizes that she’s finally open to receiving and giving love to people, especially to Anna.


Your sister is dead because of you!



Having trouble breaking up with someone???
1. Lean in for a kiss
2. Stop before your lips touch theirs
3. Say “Oh ________, if only there was someone who loved you”
4. Walk away and let them die


"But I had faith in myself." 

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I want to travel the world.

Said the brown girl who can’t even step out the front door without permission.

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It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all

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girls go to the bathroom together because they have to perform hourly rituals to the dark lord satan. this is a fact

 why do you think we bleed once a month